Friday, October 31, 2008

Look Closely...

Look closely at the picture of Will in his Halloween blog where he has his pumpkin hat can see his tooth coming in!!! :)

Will's 1st Halloween

Guess what, guys? It was Will's first Halloween today!! What a day he had, too. We woke up this morning and ran a few errands. When Will woke up from his afternoon nap, Daddy was home...SURPRISE!! A little while after the nap, Mama and Daddy got Will ready to head to church for the Fall Festival. Boy, was that fun.

Nana and Aunt Abigail came and walked Will around while Mama and Daddy worked the pitching booth. Here are a few pictures from my night...

Meme and Cousin Kate came to the Fall Festival, too.

It was a very fun and exciting day. One fun thing was what Will had at the end of his fishing pole when Aunt Abigail took him to one of the booths at the you think Suntrust will let me deposit this on Monday? :)

So now my little Ogre angel is sleeping and dreaming about next Halloween. He didn't know why we dressed him in a silly costume, or why we were out in some chilly weather with lots of people looking strange, but he loved it, and we loved the memories that were made!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm coming Mama...

I was in the kitchen finishing dinner last night, and I thought my son was playing with his toys on the blanket in the den. Well, I heard some huffing and puffing around the bar in our kitchen, and look what I found..

Be on the look out in the next day or two for a picture of a possible tooth. Will's mouth was bleeding yesterday and in the afternoon I noticed a tooth is cutting in, and I could feel it when he bit down on my finger. Happy Halloween tomorrow...Will is going to be breaking out that Shrek outfit!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin, Will Rucker

Last night was ABC's annual broadcast of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Will has always looked at the TV and stared at what was going on, but last night when we turned on Charlie Brown, he was stuck. We could not get his eyes off of it. I took him up to the TV for Daddy to take a picture with Charlie Brown behind him to mark the occasion of his first time watching the show, and he wouldn't even look at the camera. He was amazed. We finally had to turn it off so that he could drink his bottle...which he held by himself for most of the time. Our little boy is growing up!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's too early!!!

Time to get up for church came pretty early this morning. Will woke up and daddy changed his diaper. Instead of putting some clothes on him, he got in our bed with just a diaper and hung out with daddy. What a sweet baby!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Melts my heart each time...

Pictures like this need no description other than to say that seeing this each day makes everything worth it!!! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday!!! :)

Happy Friday everyone!!! I just wanted to post some pictures of the two cakes I made yesterday and some cute pictures of Will. We are practicing "sitting and playing" for our go-see on Tuesday. :) He is doing really well. This is him playing this morning while I was making his cereal and fruit. He is too cute. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Try to stay warm and dry today!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help!!! She put me in a prison!!!

So, Will likes to move around A LOT!! I put the blanket out on the floor for him to crawl around on, but there always seems to be something more exciting off of the blanket...end table drawers, daddy's speakers, Toby. :) So, today, Mama decided to put him in his pack and play for a little while. So far, so good. He seems to be enjoying it. I gave him some toys, and he seems to be happy for now. I had to snap some pictures of him in his little "prison." Too funny.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun Times

Will and I had a fun day together today. We were unable to go to lunch with Michelle and Bennett today, but we are planning on seeing them this week. We hung out at the house most of the day, but ran a few errands, like Walmart and Party City, and we did a favor for Meme and Poppy, too. Mama baked lots of cake today and even decorated a cake for Daddy to take to work tomorrow...see the picture below.

Will just loves his Johnny Jump. He really loves jumping. He jumped so hard today that his socks were starting to come off. I had to snap a picture. He is just too funny. He also loves when we carry him around on our shoulders. He always starts smiling when he gets up there. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kissing time!!

My granny used to tell my dad that he was going to kiss the skin right off of my cheeks. Some days I feel like Brad and I might kiss Will's skin too much. Lately though, Will is getting in to kissing us back. If we go stand in front of the mirror and I kiss his cheek, he will turn and "kiss" my cheek back...however mine is a little more wet that I leave his. :) Here are some kissy pictures from yesterday.

It has turned cold here in Grayson!! Brad turned our heat on this morning and covered Will with a blanket before he left for work this morning. When Will woke up, we had to change his jammies, and so in honor of the cold, we put on some snowman pj's. Too cute.

Our tv in our den is not working, so someone is coming to fix it tomorrow. So, that means we all pile in our bedroom and watch tv together. This morning while Will and I were waking up, I took some pictures of him playing on our bed. I love the one that looks like he is about to kiss someone. Who ever knew being a Mama could be this fun??

This week I am making two birthday cakes. They are for the same person, a sweet lady named Anna who has 7 precious children. It is her son's 10th birthday and her dad's 80th. Stay tuned for their cake pictures. I can't wait to do her son's is going to be awesome.

Will and I are having lunch with my friend Michelle and her son Bennett on Wednesday. The boys are about 9-10 weeks apart in age...Bennett is older. It will be neat to see them together. I will take a picture and post it Wednesday.

Well, I am off to do some laundry while Will is napping. Have a good Monday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doctor's Appointment Update

Quick doctor update...Dr. Messick said that had he not seen Will's chart, he would not have known which ear was infected...they are perfectly healthy now. On another note, Will has developed his Nana's eczema. He has had a rash on his arm for a few weeks, and that is what it is. Dr. Messick said to keep him moisturized and said that cortizone cream should help clear it up, but it more than likely will come back. It is a hereditary thing. Oh, and the little porker weighs 18.4 pounds!! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My sweet baby boy...

Here are some recent pictures of our precious little one. As you can see, he is starting to sit up by himself now. He is also getting around very well. I wouldn't call it actual crawling, but I think that he is getting around to where he wants to go almost as well as he will when he is crawling. He has also started "talking" A LOT. He always seems to have something to say...he must really belong to me. :)

He is going to see Dr. Messick tomorrow, hopefully leaving with news that his ear is free of infection. Will is going to visit for a while with Nana later in the day while Mama and Daddy go to a meeting. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Will and Kate

I forgot to post this picture earlier. Meme took this last Friday when I was keeping Kate for the afternoon. Kate turned 15 months that day and Will was 5 months the day before. These cousins love each other!!

Will loves Sunday School

What a nice weekend we have had together. Yesterday morning Will and I delivered Leynie Hester's 5th birthday cake to her. It was so cute when she saw it and said it was the cake she always wanted. :) Too sweet. Her Mom told me the cake was a success, so that made me happy.

This morning Will went to Sunday School/Nursery for the first time at church. He was there while we were in Sunday School and then in church. The lady who is in there every week said he did great, so that made us very happy. Our friends from SS were helping in there while we were in church. Doogie said he held Will most of the time and played with him. Will must have had a good time with his friends Autumn and Walker because he was WORN out. He slept in the car, a little while when Daddy and I went out to lunch, and has been asleep over 2 hours since we got home. They said he only slept about 10 minutes while he was there...too much to look at, I guess. They even put a paper in his bag about the story they learned today. It was too cute. I am sure he will be excited to go is fun that Mama and Daddy's friends in their class have children in Will's class.

Will should be crawling in the next week or so. He can scoot really fast and get where he needs to go on the floor. I have been putting something out of reach that he wants and moving it as he gets closer so that he keeps going. He is so funny. He hates to be still, and he really does not like to be on his back. He LOVES his tummy, or better yet, he loves to be the Johnny Jump or his stationary toy. I think we are going to have our hands full.

He is going to the doctor on Thursday to have his ears checked to be sure the infection is gone. I am taking Brad on Friday to have another test done. He is doing MUCH better, but we still don't know the cause of the pain. Strange!!

Well, I am off. I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Talk to you soon.