Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who is this man?????? HELP!

Brad, Meme, Poppi, and I took the kids to Bass Pro Shop (or just Pro Shop if you ask Will) to see Santa on Monday night. Daniel was great until Brad put him in Santa's lap. He wanted to get as far away from him as he could!

Brad readjusted him, and he still was not happy! But, at least Will told was able to tell Santa he wants Cars 2 movie and Daniel wants a ball. Santa said he would bring the movie and bring Daniel a big red ball...thanks, Santa!

Christmas crafts...

Last year we put a gingerbread train together with Will. However, it only held up about 10 minutes. This year, Will saw the gingerbread house kit at Walmart, and we had to get it. He really had fun putting it together...

The final product....we made this about 3 weeks ago, and it is still standing! :)
And, of course, Mama wanted to do a cute hand/foot craft. That is Daniel's foot with Will's hands!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A few weekends ago, Brad and Will went to Tennessee to Brad's cousin's wedding. Daniel and I stayed home together while they were gone. Beth just sent me this picture of Will, Kate, and Jackson. Look how precious they are! Does Will look like a Brad, Jr. or what??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas card pictures

The picture I took on Thanksgiving Day for Nana's Christmas card...

And the picture I took for our Christmas card...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

This is the best picture I got of the boys together yesterday...besides the picture I took that Nana might use for her Christmas card, and I don't want to post that and spoil her card! Here they are with Granddad...

Here is Will after the big meal...full tummy=tired three year old!
But this one wasn't sleepy at all...haha! He was trying to get his Mama!

I am very blessed!!

It's Impossible... get two children to look at you and smile...

...much less, FOUR children to look and smile...but we tried...and failed...
...and I told Myra she should just send one like this for her Christmas card, so people can see how real life is like with a 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old!

While Will was in the leaves...

...Daniel was playing in the grass! :)

The Biggest Leaf Pile...

We have a LOT of leaves in our yard. When the weather started changing, all the trees were beautiful! Now they are pretty much bare, and every day there are more leaves covering our driveway, our yard, and our porch! Brad usually blows the leaves once a week. Will loves when Brad gets out the blower. He runs around following him for about an hour while the leaves fly all around. The other day, Brad had a big pile (just from part of the driveway) and I got my camera out...

He was having a ball!
At some points during this process, you could not even see Will. I love times like these with my family, and I can't wait for Daniel to be doing these things with his big brother!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Race!

Daniel got this Lightning for his birthday! He loves to ride it, and he is hysterical riding it. He bounces up and down and laughs while he flies around on it. After lunch today, Will asked if we could go on the back porch to ride a little bit. Our porch is pretty big, so they can go back and forth and race in a pretty flat area. Here is Daniel in mid-race! (I took these pictures with my phone, so they might not be that great!)

And here they both are...too sweet! Ignore the fact that Will is not wearing pants...before lunch we had gone to Walmart, and he always removes his pants to get comfortable when we get home! Haha!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Were there ever two sweeter boys?

Last Saturday night while Brad and I hosted game night at our house, the boys went and spent the night with Meme and Poppi. Meme can always get them to pose and smile. Aren't they precious?

And news on the little one...he is a full blown WALKER now. He started about 2 weeks ago, and he hasn't stopped!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This Halloween, we went trick-or-treating in Nana and Granddad's neighborhood. We did not go to too many houses, but the kids still had fun. Here is Daniel (Nemo) before leaving...

Granddad was excited to be in the presence of Curious George and Nemo!!
Will cracked us up when he would go to each house...after leaving the door from saying "trick or treatING" and "thank you," he would hold up whatever his treat was and tell us, "I bought this one there!!" LOL. Here he is once he decided he was ready to go back home...George and his loot!

Nemo and his loot...still not real sure what's going on, but wanting to eat something!

Our last "first" haircut!

A little over a week ago, I had just about had enough of Daniel's wild hair! It was so precious and curly on the back, but wild and uncontrollable in the front. For his first cut, I took him to Snip-Its where I took Will for his. He was incredible! He sat so still and did amazingly well. He had no clue what was going on, but what a trooper!!

Say good-bye to those sweet baby curls!
And here he is after the hair cut. Much better, and so grown up looking!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A crafty weekend

This weekend, I felt like getting crafty! I saw this on someone's blog...someone I don't know...and I decided to do it with my family. Introducing, our "ghost" family...

From left to right...Brad, Daniel, Will, and Debi

I have this canvas sitting on display on my kitchen counter!

Brad was also feeling crafty. He wanted to make a jack-o-lantern out of our pumpkin. Will drew the face, Brad did everything else...
The finished product...and two of the loves of my life...

The third love of my life...this is what he did while Daddy carved the pumpkin! What a relaxing weekend...looking forward to the next one! :)

Our noisy neighbors!!

This is what we see across our back yard. Isn't it beautiful? Look how pretty those trees are!

And here is the view from our back deck. Brad and I had someone come out and carve out a path for our golf cart to get down to the water. He cleared out a lot of trees and brush, and now we have a clearer view of the lake. It doesn't look that great now with 9 less feet of water in it, but maybe one day it will be full again??
Out where we live, it's the country!! This is the first time we haven't lived in a neighborhood, so it took a little while to get used to how quiet it really is out here. We can't see any of our neighbors from where we live (which is nice), and really the only traffic we hear comes off the lake. Will was actually scared at Abigail's one time by a car passing by...we've grown used to the peace!
However, we have two things out here that are very is the train! We don't live too close to the tracks, but I guess across the lake is pretty close, and the sound bounces off the water, so every night, we hear that train while we're in bed, and off and on throughout the day. Good thing my kids like trains! :)
The other noisy part of where we live is our neighbors across the the farm! Brad ran in to one when he was fishing one day. Will has been afraid that they will come over to visit. They sound their voices a lot. And finally, on Sunday, Will and I were able to see them as they came down to the water. Meet our noisy neighbors...

Gotta love the country life!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We decided this weekend that we would take the boys to the pumpkin patch. We didn't want to go to one with too many "big" things that our boys couldn't do. So, Brad found a really neat place nearby called Kinsey Farms. It is a Christmas tree farm, but they have a TON of pumpkins and a hayride, animals, plants, and many other things. It was very reasonably priced, and we had a wonderful time!

If you know anything about our youngest son, you know that he LOVES balls! Ball-ball-ball-ball...that's all he ever says. Well, he was thrilled with the pumpkins because what shape are they closest to???? You got it! Here he is staring at all the "balls" around...he did not want to look at the camera!

You do not want to know how long it took to get them both to look at the camera! :)
Could you just eat those little guys up? Look at Daniel holding on for dear life as his big brother pulls him around the farm!

And if you know anything about our first born, he has developed a fear of cows lately. See, we have one that lives on the farm across the lake from us. We hear him a lot. Will is petrified that the cow is going to swim across the lake, walk up our back yard, and come inside our house. No matter how much we assure him that it will not happen, he insists that the cow is coming. Well, there was a cow yesterday...and Will WANTED to feed him!!! Maybe we like cows now?? We were so proud of him!

Look at those sweet curls! He liked the animals!

There is a movie that Brad and Will have watched a few times called "How to Train Your Dragon." This looks like Toothless from that movie. Will wanted to go see him!

Sweet boys!!! My two pumpkins!

On the hayride, you stop mid-trip and get out at the pond. It is full of huge catfish!! They allow you to feed them in the morning time. Daniel enjoyed throwing the food in for them to eat! I think I did hear Brad say at one point, "no, that's not for you to eat." Haha!

Will loved feeding them, too!!

Daniel checking things out on the hayride!

What a little poser! He was excited about our trip! He told me when we got in the car...with his big pretzel in hand, "Mama, that was a really fun day!" I agree, sweet boy!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

An Unexpected Friend...

We had Will's check-up today with his Orthopedic Surgeon. I am SO happy to report that his femur has healed 100%!!!! I saw the original x-ray next to the x-ray they took today, and you can't even tell that his femur had twisted and popped in half!! What an answer to prayer. When we went 6 months ago, his left leg was 1 1/2 cm shorter than his right leg. Today, his left leg was 6mm shorter than his right leg...not even noticable!!

When we were getting out of the van in the parking lot, I saw someone that I knew Will would be excited to see! Big Bird was at the doctor's office!!! Well, a Big Bird "scarecrow" that is. Will ran right over to him, grabbed his arm, and smiled for my camera phone!! Too cute. I would have put Daniel in the picture, too, but I was holding him, and it had been raining, and knowing that he already hates grass, I knew he would be miserable in wet grass!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My beautiful boys!

My boys are precious!!! They are the joys of my life!!! They make Brad and I proud, and they make us smile and laugh all the time! I got some cute pictures of them today. I thought I would share a few!! The quality of this picture is not that great, but they look so cute in their matching monkey jammies after their bath tonight...riding on their matching Lightning McQueen cars. Daniel got one from Meme and Poppi on his birthday, and Will insisted it was Meme and Poppi brought him his own last weekend!

This little chunk now has 1 full tooth and the other bottom one and two top ones have popped through! So sweet!
I went to Target yesterday to get a few things, and I decided that the boys needed new hats for this winter. I found each of them a hat that had matching gloves. Daniel LOVED his monkey hat. At one point once we went in this morning, I took it off, and he brought it to me to put it back on him. Daddy and Poppi were fixing a shingle that had fallen off our roof this morning, so we were hanging out on the back deck. Look how cute his hat is...

And, of course, brother decided to wrestle with him. We all keep telling Will that one day Daniel is going to really get him back. I thought this picture was hysterical!

Will loves to do flips. Here he is in mid-roll. What a little nut!! To look at him and all he does, you would never think that he was in a body cast 7 months ago!