Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Look who came to visit this morning. This was in our front yard. Brad said this was about half of the group that was hanging out!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Silly Snowy Day

I left work early this afternoon, before the kids were even dismissed, because Brad said that the roads were getting pretty bad out our way. By the time we got home, we had a good covering of snow. School has already been cancelled for tomorrow which is good considering that we are probably stuck and can't get out of our driveway!! When we got home, Brad was already here, so we all got bundled up to play. They were being pretty funny. After playing, we all got in the hot tub to warm up. Then we came in, got our jammies on, had dinner, and relaxed. We are looking forward to a nice family day tomorrow!

I took the boys to have their pictures made a few weeks ago. I got a canvas of my favorite shot. It isn't great on here...I took it from the actual canvas with my phone...but you can get the picture. Aren't they precious??

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So Proud!!!

I am SO proud of something Will did at school today. We went on our field trip yesterday, so today Mrs. Gosman had the students write thank you notes to our principal for letting us go. I looked at his tonight while I was at school late...I had to take a picture.
It says...
"Dear Dr. Watlington, The play was good. It was funny. I like the lights. The Cat in the Hat does magic tricks. Thank you. Sincerely, Will."
Mrs. Gosman said she wrote Dr. Watlington and Sincerely on the board. His sincerely is spelled C-incerely because he has a friend in his class named Cincere! Haha! Other than that, he did it all by himself!!! Proud Mama moment!!!

Fun Times in Preschool

Again, I love when Daniel's teachers send me pictures. I always learn about things from him each day that he's done, but it's nice to see those things, too. I see a lot of what Will does since his class is right near mine, and I get to see and talk to Daniel's teachers each day when I pick him up, but pictures are great.
The other day, he was having fun again playing in the sensory table. He LOVES coloring and painting, so here he is painting something. And then one day they were counting backwards from 10-1 and he was so excited stacking the blocks. The last picture was from today. They made goo from corn starch and water. The teacher said he was interested in how it would feel! Ha!
Last night a commercial for Olive Garden came on. Daniel pointed and said, "My Meka have that card!!" We had given Ms. Tameka (My Daniel calls her) an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas. I thought that was pretty smart! :-)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Will's Field Trip

Will did three new things today...
1. He rode a school bus.
2. He took a field trip.
3. He saw a live play!
Our Kindergarten took a field trip to the Aurora Theater today. We saw a live performance of "The Cat in the Hat." Will said his favorite part was when it went black in the theater and the bubble machine turned on and the costumes started glowing! He must have been tired from all of these firsts. This is a picture his teacher took on the bus on the way back to school!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our weekend

It has been a nice weekend...especially since it's a 3-day weekend! This afternoon, Will and I sat down to count out his collection. He is supposed to bring in 100 of something tomorrow for the 100th day of school. First, he wanted to bring 100 one dollar bills. I quickly told him no to that idea. Then he decided on 100 leaves from our yard. But last night as I was counting out 100 Hershey Kisses for my Kindergarten class for an activity, he decided that is what he wanted for his collection. I had him count out 10 groups of 10, and then we made a 100 out of them! Too cute!

 Last week, we stopped by Kroger and Will saw this...and now he wants one!
 Yesterday I had to get some things from Sam's. The boys and Brad and I took a trip down the interstate to the closest Sam's and then the boys decided they wanted to eat lunch there. Here they were after my sunglasses! Too much!

 And this is what they looked like the other day on the way to school. Waking them up at 5:30 each morning is NOT fun...for them, or for me! Poor babies!!