Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daniel's Week With Rocky

We were very excited to have Daniel chosen "Star of the Week" at school and to have Rocky come and stay at our home for the week. He was such a well behaved house guest, and we would love to have him back again sometime.
It just so happens that Rocky came to stay with us on the day we planned on getting haircuts. I’m thinking it was Rocky’s first trip to Great Clips. He sure was excited! He was even able to sit in the chair with Daniel…under the cape, of course!
He was so well behaved that he even earned a lollipop!
If you don't know, it is in the pledge that Rocky be fed cookies EVERY day!!! So, because we keep our word, Rocky received his cookies! (Ms. Tracey and Ms. Darlene may have had a few, too!!)

 Daniel loved showing Rocky different things he could play with at our house! One night, Daniel and his brother made Rocky a cool link necklace. He insisted on wearing it all week!
 Did you know that Rocky loves Play-doh almost as much as Daniel does? It's true!!
And, of course, the week is not complete without a trip to church where Rocky can learn all about how much Jesus loves him! And, yes, they have Play-doh there, too!

Thanks for a fun week, Rocky!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Going Back to School...

We are SO happy this year to be going to school close to home! For the past three years, we have been driving one and a half hours one way for Mama to get to the school she's been teaching at. This year, things are different! Will is attending Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy! It is about 10 minutes from home. We LOVE the commute! Ha! He is a car rider each day, and he has enjoyed it so far. He started back last Friday and has already told me about a lot of new friends, several of which he already knew from church.
Speaking of church, Daniel is attending Kid's Cove Weekday five days a week! He had his first day today and absolutely loved it. He talked my ear off on the way to pick Will up. I know all about the letter A now and the anteater who wouldn't eat the ants! :-)
Both of my children are very blessed to be attending the schools that they are at! I have prayed for their teachers and their friends, and I just know it is going to be a great year!!