Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What has Will been up to today?

Will and I have had a fun Wednesday. Much more fun than yesterday when we spent 90 minutes at Children's Healthcare waiting to have his blood drawn AGAIN for allergy tests...because the people who did it last week said they didn't get enough blood...hmmm.
Anyway, some of the highlights of today...

Playing with the dishwasher, playing with Toby's water bowl, opening the cabinet under the kitchen sink (until the child lock kicked in), played in Mama's purse, ate a biter biscuit and had some water, and made funny faces at Mama while she tried to take pictures. What a nut!! Oh, how could I forget...and Mama caught Will in the half bath this morning with both hands splish-splashing in the toilet!! I couldn't grab my camera for that one. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Fun...

The Rucker family had a great weekend. First of all, Daddy came home from a 4-night trip to Vegas, so we were sure glad to see him. I also had to make a cake for Anna's mom for Friday, so here is a picture of what it looked like.

Saturday I hosted a Discovery Toys party. I had a few friends from my Sunday School class come and my mom and mother-in-law came, too. From all the sales, I was able to get $70 in free toys!! I got Will some great things for his first birthday...which is in just a little over 2 months!!

Myra went to the Kidsignment sale on the last day when they mark things half off. She got this baseball game there for $2.50. I saw it at Wal-Mart yesterday for almost $18, so not a bad deal...and it is in GREAT condition. I cleaned it really well, and Will seems to really like it.

Yesterday Nana, Granddad, and Aunt Abigail came to church with us. Then they took Will home with them to play for the afternoon. After his nap, Granddad, Aunt Abigail, and Gus took him to Collins Hill Park. Abigail and Gus walked the trail and Granddad took Will to the playground. They had a great time.

Starting next Monday, I am going to be watching a little girl in our neighborhood named Iris. She is almost 3 months old. Her mom is going to bring her 2 days for the next two weeks to get her used to coming and then 3 weeks from today, she will be here five days a week. We are looking forward to having her here with us!! It will be fun to have a "little" baby in the house again.

And if I didn't mention it before, Will is WALKING now. He was just taking up to 8 and 10 steps, but now he is really walking. He can even turn around without falling down. He still can't stand from a sitting position without holding on to something, but once he is up, he is on the move. He walks with one hand up in the air. It is so funny!! Oh, my baby is growing up!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

All are at home...

All three Clary babies are home now. Cole was the last to be released, and he came home on Friday. Now comes all the fun at home!! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a day!!

We just got home and I am tired!! Will and I went and spent two nights at my Grandmother's house. It was a nice visit. The picture of Will in his hat was yesterday at lunch. He couldn't stop staring at the Red Hatters. They couldn't stop staring at him either. We had three people come over during lunch and ask if they could speak to Will. It was cute.

We got up and came home earlier than planned this morning. Will was up all throughout the night with a horrific cough. So, off to the Pediatrician we went. He just has a cold...typical thing I hear...but Dr. Messick was concerned with his cough not going away, so then we headed to the Lab to get bloodwork for allergy testing...notice the big bandage on his arm? Well, it took two of us to hold him down so that the lady could draw the blood. I thought it would never end. His face was bright red, snotty, and wet from tears. He was VERY happy to get back to the van. We should know the results maybe Monday.

Mom and I went to the Kidsignment sale on Tuesday. We got 92 items!!! It was insane. This is his whole spring and summer wardrobe, and I feel good about the selections we made. I will post a picture of everything once it is all washed and folded. Well, Will is waking up from his nap, so I am off.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best...

Nana wanted to know why the best picture was not on the blog, so here it is. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our day at the Aquarium...

What a fun day we had at the Georgia Aquarium. Here is what we did...

First, we hooked up with Cousin Kate, Uncle Zack and Aunt Beth. Boy, were Kate and Will happy to be reunited again!! Then we went inside and saw some fish!!! Good thing Daddy got tickets yesterday at work. The line was wrapped around the building!! We got a LOT of fish pictures, but we all know Kate and Will are cuter than the fish! :)

Then we stopped and had a rest and snack break. After our snack, we ran in to Depot the fish. Of course we had to have our picture taken!!

Yep, I knew it was a long day when Boo-boo started getting tired!! No afternoon nap can make for a grumpy little boy at the end of a long day!!
Then we headed back to the car! Will loved his first trip to the Aquarium!! I think we'll go back!!

Daddy's 30th Birthday

Today is Daddy's 30th birthday. He has chosen for us to go to the Aquarium today. It should be a lot of fun. Here is one of the gifts Will and I gave to Brad. It is in a frame for him to take to work...his request!! Enjoy!!

30 Reasons We Love Brad Rucker on his 30th Birthday!!

Mama’s Reasons for loving Daddy:
1. You are a Godly man.
2. You love and respect me.
3. Even when I do things that make you mad, you always love me and forgive me.
4. You are an AWESOME daddy!!
5. When we are riding down the road, you always look at me and tell me I look pretty, even when I don’t.
6. When you are driving and I am sitting in the passenger seat, you always hold my hand.
7. You let me pick where we are going to go eat…most of the time.
8. You will watch girly movies with me and cry at all the parts I cry at…that is a real man!
9. You are always appreciative of the things I do around the house.
10. When I hear the garage door go up at the end of the day, I get so excited that we are about to see you.
11. You never complain about all the hours you have to work to support our family.
12. You love the time you spend with Boo-boo.
13. You are a good masseuse.
14. You always give me “me” time when I need it.
15. After almost 6 years of marriage, my heart still skips a beat when you are around!

Will’s Reasons for loving Daddy:
1. You take me to church to learn about Jesus!!
2. You always tell me how much you love me.
3. You always make me laugh.
4. You teach me about how to play the Play Station 3.
5. You take me to the park and let me enjoy the nice outdoors.
6. You are a good diaper changer…even when I try to roll over.
7. You loved every minute of my first week at home with you and Mama.
8. No matter what, you always take the time to give me a hug and kiss.
9. You always know the best way to play with the toys.
10. You can throw me the highest of anybody.
11. I feel safe in your strong arms.
12. I love when you come in my room to get me in the morning…I light up.
13. I know that Mama and I are the most important people in your lives.
14. I know you love my Mama because of the way you treat her.
15. You are the best “tummy eater” around!!

The list could go on and on, but you are only 30 today, so there are 30 reasons why we love you!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Will you accept this rose?

I took Will for some 9-month pictures today. This was part of Daddy's birthday present...his 30th birthday is on Valentine's Day. Have you ever seen the Bachelor on ABC? Well, at the end, when he chooses the women he wants to keep, he asks them to accept a rose. After seeing this picture, I guess Will is preparing to be the Baby Bachelor. :)

These are some more of the pictures I had taken. They are pretty cute. He did such a good job...especially for as long as we ended up being there. My little boy is growing up!! We are going to the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow for Will's first time. I am interested to see how he likes it. I will post pictures when we get home!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oodles of Noodles...

Mama made her and Daddy some baked spaghetti last night. Guess what I got??

A noodle!!! And guess what else???

I liked it!!!

Here are some pictures of Will from over the weekend. And also, here is Amelia's second birthday cake from Friday. I started last year with her first birthday cake, and I have been doing cakes for her family of 7 kids ever since...except the sisters I missed after Will's birth, but we will get this them year!! I am making 100 cupcakes for Amelia's Mama for Friday. My house sure will smell yummy tomorrow.

Not to mention, Boo-boo's Daddy is turning the big "3-0" this Saturday...yep, Valentine's Day!! I will be making him some cupcakes for his birthday, too. I was going to make a cake, but he decided he wanted cupcakes instead. Will and I spent the morning at the mall buying Daddy some gifts. It will be a fun weekend for sure!!

Maybe Brad and I can figure out how to get a video on here. Boo-boo has started walking 4-5 feet and then he falls down. It is so fun to play with him and let him walk back and forth. It is also cute when he decides to walk to his toys from the couch or the table instead of crawl. Oh, my baby is growing up!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What Mama? Just put one foot behind the other??

Will wants to walk SO badly!! He has many times this week where he is just standing in the room not moving and not holding on to anything. Then at times he will push a toy and let go and take a step or two before falling. What a brave little fella!! These are some pictures I took of him playing yesterday. He loves to go in the living room and shake the tree. He loves his tow truck with the blocks inside. He loves to open and close our bedroom door...until he realizes he has closed himself inside. And of course, he loves to try and get Toby when he is resting on the back of the loveseat!! If you look closely in the picture of him smiling, you can see tooth #3 on the bottom!!! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will's a BIG boy!!!

Will and I went to see Dr. Messick today for his 9-month check up. Chunky monkey weighed in at 21.12 pounds (67th percentile), 30.5 inches (96th percentile), and 19 inch head circumference (98th percentile). Dr. Messick said he looked great!!

This morning I noticed when Will yawned that the tooth next to his bottom teeth (the only ones in his mouth) had broken through, so 3 bottom teeth. Then Dr. Messick showed me a side top tooth had broken through as well, so 4 teeth. Then he said that the other 3 top teeth should break through any day. So, by the end of the week, Boo-boo could have 7 teeth. Going from 2 to 7 in a few days is crazy!! :)

Here are some pictures of Will in his walker...he flies around the house in it. Then there is a picture of his crazy hair when I took his hat off the other day. The other two are some cakes I did this weekend. Enjoy!!