Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Nummy, nummy, Mama!!"

Will and I had leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight. You know, since he is going to be "2" on Sunday, he is Mr. Independent, so he feeds himself now. After each bite of spaghetti, he would tell me, "nummy, nummy, Mama." When he says that, I know he is enjoying his meal. He does very well with his spoon and his fork. I don't know why, but he had a little trouble with his yogurt he is during dinner...

And here he is so proud of himself and his feeding skills...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gooooo Dawgs!!

Today was Will's first time at a real sporting event. Sure, he sees A LOT of sports on tv at our house, but has never seen anything in person. We took him to Athens today to watch the Dawgs play their spring game. Brad was parking the car, so he missed Will's first glance of the field, and I am sad about that. As we walked through the tunnel from the outer part of the stadium into the seating area, and as the field came into view, Will starting jumping up and down, pointing, and yelling "football, Mama!!" He was SO excited. Then when Brad finally got to us in the stands, he told his Daddy he was watching football. Here are some pictures I excited to be there...

Everyone is clapping, so they must have done something. I'll clap, too.
He kept yelling, "go, go, go" and pumping his arm.

Taking it all in...he wanted to sit all alone...not with us. He did sit with Kate for a few minutes, but most of his sitting time was done by himself. :)

When Mama couldn't take the heat anymore, we headed to find the rest of our group. Meme had a cool spot in the shade...he enjoyed watching the game from her seat as well. Overall, it was a fun day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 23 months, Boo-boo!

Remember in my last post that I said Will's new game is to run and "hide" from me? Well, the other day it was time to get dressed, and I caught him getting into his hiding place...

Oh no...Mama caught me!!
Today is Boo's 23 month birthday!! I can't believe in one month, this little guy is going to be 2 years old!! I was so excited yesterday when I picked him up from Jackie's...she said that he had eaten his whole lunch with a spoon...I have been working with him on eating with a spoon. So, this morning, he wanted to eat his oatmeal by himself...he did very well!!

That's a big bite for a big boy!! Don't you just love his Lightning McQueen jammies??

Got it, Mama...I like using a spoon by myself!!