Monday, March 28, 2011

When I'll post more pictures...

Well, we have done a lot of things in the past few weeks that were picture worthy. I have taken a lot of pictures. However, when I went to get my camera Friday night to capture Will covered in finger paint, I realized that my camera was at our new house. So, I will get it this weekend and put a lot of pictures up next week! But the big news at our house since the last post is that Chunky Monkey can now sit up on his own really well! He even rocks back and forth and giggles. Oh, how I love my two boys!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 6 months, Chunky Monkey!!

Yesterday was Daniel's half birthday. I can't believe my precious Chunky Monkey is already 6 months old. The time is flying by. Meme and Nana met me to get some pictures taken after work. Here are a few that were taken.
Sweet big brother...
Big birthday boy...
What an angel!!!
Not too sure about this basket!
All smiles...
And not all smiles...
And LOVES his feet...
Okay, so this is the last shot they took. I don't know how to flip the picture, so just turn your head. Do you think they were spent by this time? LOL...look at their expressions when we were trying to get them to smile.
Boo could not do everything the photographer said because of his leg...we're still learning how to walk again and how to move around comfortably without hurting himself. So, he was supposed to be on his knees during this shot.
So, there you go. A few of our pictures. I think next time we'll go when Mama, Meme, and Nana haven't worked all day and we all have enough energy and patience to deal with this two hour ordeal! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our sweet baby boy...

After Will's appointment yesterday afternoon, we went to pick up Daniel. They were on a walk around the he not the cutest little thing sitting in that big stroller? He has that look like, " guys look familiar!!"
This is how he looks each night after drinking his bedtime bottle!! Does he look comfy or what?
It's March today, so Daniel wore something in honor of his Irish heritage!
He absolutely LOVES his feet!!
And he keeps doing this with his tongue...he keeps rubbing it against his gums...I sure do hope those teeth pop through soon! I love our baby boy!!

So long, green pants!!

Yesterday was the day we had looked forward to for a LONG 6 weeks! Will had his appointment with Dr. Shrader, and he said the x-ray looked great, and we could get rid of the spica cast! We had watched some videos on youtube Sunday night to prepare Will for what was going to happen. I was glad that we did because he did very well while the tech took off the cast.

SO happy to be wearing underwear and real clothes again!!! The doctor said it would take up to a week for Will to regain strength in his legs and start walking again. However, when I picked him up from Jackie's today, he was walking in the backyard! Now that is what I call determination!!! We are so thankful that God healed our sweet little man!!