Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our sweet little man...

Our little man isn't always asleep!! He's usually awake at 2a.m. Haha! This morning he had a good hour of play time with his Mama...lucky for Mama it was around 8:30 instead of 2!! He kicked and punched, and he smiled a lot. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture any of the smiles on camera. But I did get some cute pictures...
He's getting so big...almost 7 weeks old!
Hi everyone!! Another blonde haired blue eyed gorgeous little guy!!
And he's tired again!

Monday, October 25, 2010

All Aboard!!!!

This weekend, all Will's dreams came true!! We (Mama, Daddy, Will, Daniel, Meme, Poppi, Nana, Granddad, and Aunt Abigail) jumped into the car and drove 3 hours to Cordele, GA. What were we doing? Going to "A Day out with Thomas" to see Thomas the Train!! Here are some of the things we did while we were there...
Here's Will on the way to the tram we had to take over to the Island of Sodor!
We made it!!
One thing Will kept telling me he wanted to do on the trip was get his face painted. He wanted Toby the train, but the ladies were not painting trains. So, he got a Jack-o-lantern. He sat SO still for his first painted face!
It turned out pretty good!
They had a lot of train tables set up. Will knows how to work those remotes. He loved playing with all the different sets they had.
Then he got to jump...he kept calling this "Joe's" like Monkey Joes...one of his favorite places.
And then it was time to see the main attraction...
Will got his picture taken with the conductor!
He was excited to get his seat on the train!
Here he is "reading" his ticket...he was saying all the letters on the ticket!
Telling Daniel we were riding Thomas!

This is one happy little boy!
He never let go of the ticket he talked about for at least three months!
He stood up a few times and looked out the window.
They were playing Thomas songs over the intercom. One from "Hero of the Rails" came on called "Go Go Thomas." Will was dancing to it, and when we looked over, so were all the grandparents!
Will wanted to get as close to Thomas as he could.
Then he took a walk down the tracks!
Mama, Daddy, and Will in front of Thomas.
Will and some friends.
Then it was time to go meet this guy! Sir Topham Hatt!! Will was crying in line...not because he was scared, but because he wanted to go up and meet him immediately...he did NOT want to wait in line.
We had a great day out with Thomas!!!
I don't think Daniel will remember!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our trip to the pumpkin patch

Brad, Will, Daniel, Nana, Granddad, and I all went to Washington Farms in Watkinsville yesterday afternoon. We had a great time. Here are a few pictures...
Here is Will on the hayride we took to get over to all of the fun activities.

Will and Granddad on the hayride. The sun was in Will's face.
Will getting ready for the cow train to take off. Notice the name of his cow??
What did Will see before the cow train took off??
Yes, our child is the only one EATING on the cow train. LOL..he loved the kettle corn!!
Nothing sweeter than this face!!
Then we headed over to the petting zoo. I didn't get any great pictures over there. He didn't want to touch too many of the animals. Then we went to this big air pillow that you could jump on. He had a hard time standing up and get started jumping. The big kids were jumping and he kept flopping off.
Finally getting up into a standing position...
Yep, he's up and ready to jump! He was quickly down again. Each time he fell down, you would hear him say "ouch."
Granddad and Will jumped on a big pedal car and took a spin.
We had a cool ice cream treat.
Then it was time for the baby pig races...
Will got to hold one of the bandanas and wave it for the blue pig. He came in last, so Will did not get a pig nose to wear. However, he did get a spider ring. Here he is checking it out...
The last thing to do was head to the pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkin. Here he is looking for the perfect one...Found it...time to weigh it and pay.
He sat down next to a pumpkin sign before leaving...
And again...W.D.D.D.???? What did Daniel do???

Saturday night family time

It was a BUSY weekend. Brad and I went to Supper Club Friday night while Boo went and stayed at Meme and Poppi's house. Then Saturday morning, Brad had tennis, and I had my cousin's bridal shower. I got home later afternoon, and Brad asked if we wanted to go to Stone Mountain and see the laser show. Since it's getting dark sooner, it started at 8pm, so we decided to go. We got there right as it was starting, and as we were getting out of the van, they shot off some loud fireworks. Boo freaked out and did not want to go. We finally got him calmed down, and he ended up really enjoying the show. Here he is with his Daddy...

A little sleepy...
This was a point in the show when he stood up and was dancing to some of the music. I love that little guy.
And the question of the weekend should be W.D.D.D.? or What did Daniel do??? Here you go...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My sweet little boys!!

My sweet little one was resting on our bed last night, and he looked so adorable, I just had to grab the camera!! Look at that big Nemo rear end!!

I could just eat those chubby cheeks!!
Then, of course, his equally adorable big brother came running in the room and said "picture, too, Mommy." He has now started really doing the smile up BIG for me now. Too funny!!
See what I mean???
After all that posing, he got tired and decided to rest with his baby brother. What sweet boys God has blessed us with!!