Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soccer Star

Will is really enjoying playing soccer. Here are a few pictures that his Daddy snapped yesterday during the game...

Easter Sunday

The night before Easter, we had some major egg coloring going on in the Rucker household. Will and Daniel were really getting into it this year. It got so messy that they had to take their shirts off.

On Easter Sunday, we went to Nana and Granddad's house. Here is Granddad with his three grandsons.
Brad tried to get some cute pictures of the kids before church. I think they just wanted to be silly!

This picture from Nana and Granddad's is pretty funny. All three boys were checking Snow out! Too cute

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Football

We went to the Bulldogs G-Day game on Saturday. It was Will's second time in Stanford Stadium, but last time we went to the spring game, I was pregnant with Daniel! They had fun...especially when their cousins showed up!

 After the game, we went and rang the Chapel Bell! Will made sure everyone around us knew that it was NOT the Liberty Bell. Haha!

 And then on the way to Aunt Beth and Uncle Zack's house, we saw a George Washington bulldog in front of a bank! Will was SO excited! We had to take a picture and text it to his teacher!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfecting the "Selfie"

So, I think Daniel might want to be a photographer! He has become OBSESSED with my camera the past two days! Today he spend probably 45 minutes taking pictures...mostly of his hands and feet, but some he actually was able to get his face into. Now, please note that he had just had some chocolate ice cream, so that is why he looks like this. I had not yet cleaned his face! Ha! What a little nut!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

We met Aunt Abigail and Beau at the mall this morning to see the Easter Bunny. Here are the pictures we got. Silly kids!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fun with Meme and Poppi

We are out on Spring Break this week. The boys were able to go yesterday afternoon to Meme and Poppi's house for the night. Today they went to an indoor water park to play. I think they had a good time!

And Meme sent me this picture this morning when they were having breakfast at McDonald's. I don't think they're going to want to come home!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Beautiful morning

It was a beautiful morning for soccer today! We had to get to the fields early today for pictures. Then we had our first game of the season. Nana, Granddad, Aunt Abigail, and Beau came out for the game. Also, as a surprise to Will, Mrs. Gosman and Mrs. White came. He was extremely surprised! Will scored a goal during the second half of the game. He was SO excited. It was almost as if after he scored he was waiting for his picture to be taken...his smile was SO big! We were all very proud of him. Here are a few cute pictures we took...

And since they came so far to watch the game, we took Mrs. Gosman and Mrs. White out to lunch to say thank you for spending such a beautiful morning with us! We are proud of our little soccer player!