Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Summer Pictures

Here are a few pictures I had saved on my phone. It shows a few things we did this summer. Beau came and stayed with us a few times. It is always fun having a baby in the house again!!
 Daniel NEVER took a passy as a baby. However, he found one and came in the den like this one day!
 Silly boy!
 Will has gotten really good at his Disney Infinity game. He loves playing it each day!
 We could not wait to see Planes, Fire and Rescue! It did not disappoint!
 Will got Brad's childhood desk for his room. He is so excited to be able to do his first grade homework there this year!!
 And I love this picture. This was when we were in Pensacola. Will had colored this sheet at The Fish House. He was so proud of his coloring!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family trip to Pensacola

Back at the end of June, the Rucker family went to Pensacola Beach. Meme and Poppi rented us a great beach house, and we had a wonderful time. One night we went out on to the beach and had some family pictures taken! Here are a few of my favorites...