Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa time!

We took the boys to Bass Pro Shop last night to see Santa. The past few years, I've taken Will to the Mall, but Daddy wanted them to see a new Santa this year. I was skeptical, but in the end, Daddy was right in making that decision...I was happy with how it turned out. We had to wait until our turn for pictures, so we walked around a little while first. Will loved looking at the fish in the big tank...
He kept pointing out different ones as they swam by. Daniel didn't seem to notice!
Will was so excited to finally see Santa and introduce him to his baby brother! He told Santa all about wanting Thomas stuff for Christmas. I asked Santa if he was okay holding Daniel, too. He told me he had a little experience. After talking to Will, he asked Daniel what he wanted for Christmas...then he said, "Oh, you want some teeth?" He was a wonderful Santa!
I am not positive, but I believe by the way it looks, Will is telling Santa that he is wearing his church shoes. Haha...he is so funny!

These are just a few pictures I took with my camera. I'm not sharing the one they took in case we use it for our Christmas card this year. It was cute though! We will definitely go back to Bass Pro Shop in the years to come!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chugga, Chugga....OINK, OINK????

After church yesterday, we were thinking of some things we could get out of the house and do! I wanted to take Boo to ride the Pink Pig down at the Lenox Macy's last year, but we never did. Brad saw an ad for it in the paper, so we fed Daniel and hopped in the van! Will was SO excited to ride the "Pig train." Before you go in to the tent where the train is, you get your picture taken with the cute girl pig....BUT they don't let you take your own picture!! Will went right up to her, grabbed her hand, and smiled a huge smile. The picture was cute, but the price wasn't! Oh well! Here's Will and Daddy waiting in line!
This is what the Pink Pig used to look like...
Daddy and Daniel waited in line while Boo and I walked in the gift shop. He kept loving on these stuffed pigs. We bought the cutest Christmas tree ornament that looks just like the "pig train."
Waiting in line...it's almost our turn!
Mama and Will on the train...we got the first seat right behind the pig's head!!
About to take off...
Here it comes...you can see us in the mirror! We had a lot of fun...I can't wait for both boys to be able to ride together!!
Then we went and grabbed some lunch and headed to Stone Mountain! It was such a nice day, so we ate our lunch in the picnic area in the park. Then we hopped in the stroller and went for a walk!
They are getting ready for "Snow Mountain," so a lot of the area was blocked off. Who would have thought we would see snow when it's almost 70 degrees? Will kept saying "Boo play snow??"
Since they have blocked off some areas, there are detours through the woods...Brad took the boys off roading...had to go backwards to make the stroller move. Boo held on to his brother so he wouldn't fall out. How sweet! We had a great family afternoon!
And just for fun...who can't resist a good looking little guy on a Monday morning??
If you have time, please say a prayer for our family. We are closing on our new home Wednesday morning! After years of wanting to live on the lake, Brad and I have decided to move our family. We have purchased a home on Lake Lanier, and we are so excited about it. However, we just put our current home on the market. Please pray for God's will on the sale of our home! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Smile...it's Friday!

Happy Friday!!
Aren't I cute??
Fridays make me smile!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm two months old!

Hi everyone! It's me...Daniel James Rucker...a.k.a."Dandal Bames" or "pig-pig" if you ask my big brother! I turned two months old this week! Can you believe it? My Mama and Daddy say I'm getting pretty big!
Mama took Boo and I to the doctor yesterday. Do you know what she told us? I weigh 13 pounds and 3.3 ounces! I've gained two pounds since my last check-up!! I am just drinking formula now, and sometimes it really upsets my belly, so we're going to try a new kind, and I can take some Mylanta, too!
Did you know that I'm starting to sleep a little longer at night? It makes my parents happy...especially my Mama! The past two nights, I've slept from 9p.m. until 4a.m. I get hungry around 4, so I call my Mama to come get me! I always go right back to sleep though!
Do you see these Tweety Bird band-aids? Do you know what's under there??? I got shots in my chunky thighs yesterday!! I had another band-aid on my other thigh! I did NOT like those shots at all! However, one of my vaccines came in an oral form...the nurse laughed when I sucked the tube dry! I do like to eat...even if it's medicine!
One of my favorite things to do is talk to my Mama and Daddy when they change me. I like to get my clothes off and kick my feet and punch my fists and talk. It's so fun.
Well, that's about it for now. I'll check in again soon. Have a good weekend!

Friday, November 5, 2010

What did Will want to do??

Yesterday afternoon, our little family of four was out running errands. We were talking about where all we needed to go, and Will said something about getting a hair cut. All through Home Depot he kept telling Brad he wanted a hair cut. Then as we were about to head home, we were sitting at a red light thinking aloud about if there was anywhere else we needed to go and Boo said again that he needed a hair cut. Brad told him we weren't going to get one right then and he got teary eyed and once again said he needed a hair cut. Needless to say, he got his hair cut...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We had a wonderful Halloween! It was a night of firsts...Will's first time trick-or-treating, and Daniel's first Halloween. Jackie had taught the kids all about trick-or-treating. She explained that you ring the doorbell, say trick-or-treat when they answer, get your candy, and say thank you when you leave. We practiced several times before leaving the house. Will did a great job!! He even rang the doorbells when the homeowners were on their porches. He had a ball running from house to house collecting goodies!! Here we are before heading out...
I don't know what my little pumpkin thought about Halloween!
Where should I go next???
This picture is a little blurry, but look at that face...he was so happy and so proud of himself!!
The loot!!