Saturday, September 27, 2014


This has been a very busy month for our family. I was just thinking that I had not updated the blog, so I grabbed some pictures off of my phone...
Here are the kids with cousin Ali in Alabama. We went for a family reunion for Meme's family.
Both boys had Grandparent's Day lunches this month. Here are our wonderful grandparents (minus Granddad) having lunch with Will at Wauka Mountain.
We are so happy that Nana and Granddad moved up to Gainesville. Now we can ride in the boat to get to their house if we want to.
This little boy is LOVING school! He plays and works so hard, and he sleeps hard, too!! This was one night at about 6:15...his belly was full and he had just gotten out of the bath!!
Will loves driving the boat with his daddy!!
The Farmers came over one weekend and we went out to Laurel Park. Our friend, Brian, was in a BBQ competition there. We ate some BBQ, had a snow cone, and the kids played in the water!!
Check Daniel out...I guess white boys can jump! Ha!
Daniel turned "4" earlier this month. I just can't believe he is getting so big!!
Will LOVES school, too! This was him one morning on the way to school. He was so excited to show me his library book. He wanted Granddad to see it!!
We had Daniel's four year old pictures taken. This was a cute one that they took. 
And this week in preschool, we've been learning all about Johnny Appleseed. Daniel loved his hat...see the handle? It's a pot like Johnny wore.
Mama ended up making applesauce for about 50 kids this week. While I was peeling and dicing apples one afternoon, Daniel asked me if I would show him the star. Did you know that every apple has a star in the middle if you slice it horizontally?

It has been a great month, and it is finally FALL...our favorite season!! I know October will be full of tons of fun for us, too!!