Monday, October 26, 2009

What a week!

What a week the Rucker family has had!! Daddy was sick, Boo-boo had the croup, and Mama is dealing with pain! Daddy and Boo stayed home together on Thursday to rest. Hopefully this week is better!! Here is a Lego cake I made this past weekend...

Notice the table...Will found these extra plates and napkins and decided to set the table for me...too funny! He must have put them out and stacked them back up about 15 times on Saturday and Sunday. Who needs toys??
On the road to recovery...ignore the runny nose!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy day Sunday

Last night was our turn to host Supper Club. Will went to stay with Nana and Granddad, and Brad and I hosted 3 other couples at our house for dinner and games. One couple backed out on us to go to the Tech game...BOO! Anyway, my theme was Italian. I made homemade bruschetta and mozzarella sticks for appetizers, homemade lasagna, homemade baked spaghetti, bread, and an Italian mixed salad for the main course, and cheesecake and this lovely creation (see picture) for dessert. We had a blast...and the best news is I am done cooking for supper club for the year, and we get to go to other houses and just eat until our turn rolls around again!! What do you think of my dessert???

Brad and I kept Boo's class this morning at church. We had fun playing with 6 one-year-olds. They have a lot of energy. After his nap, Brad took Will to Meme and Poppi's house to play so that I could rest a little while. I haven't had the best of weeks, and I really needed some down time. Still no word on what exactly is wrong with me, but I am tired of hurting every day, so it is time to seek help through another type of doctor while I am waiting until my lovely colonoscopy on the 28th. Please pray that someone can help me so that my life can get back to normal!
When Will and Daddy came home, he immediately went for his blocks...he LOVES those things!!
He is really getting good at them, too!

But he does not like to pose while he is constructing! :)
And again, he likes the chair at night...this was right before bed time tonight...when Brad had unzipped his jammies to bite on his belly, and Will took the remote and jumped up in the chair. What a hoot!!

Carving a Pumpkin with my Daddy

Will has really taken to sitting in the big chair at night. Here he is Friday night enjoying a little milk and cartoons. Little man in a big chair...I love it!!

Saturday morning after we woke up, Daddy and Will decided to carve Will's pumpkin. Mama took a few pictures and then went to get dressed. Will sat still the whole time watching Brad's every move.

Daddy, that looks kind of gross in there!!

Mama, I am not sure about this new hat you gave me.

The finished product...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to the Zoo

This weekend was Turner Employee weekend at the Atlanta Zoo. Any employee could get 4 people in for free, so what did we do? We headed to the zoo. Here are some pictures from our trip...
Will didn't get to play on the playground last time we were there, so we did that he is on the other side of the see saw...I was on the other side.

Climbing up to the slide...

About to go down the slide...hoping Daddy will catch him!

He loved the drums!!

Waving at the elephants...

Why does Will have his eyes covered??

Because the baby panda kept biting his mama!!

Look at this guy...looks like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed!!
He sure loves his Daddy!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Fun

We had such a good morning. Before the rain was supposed to hit, Nana, Aunt Abigail, Will, and I headed to Washington Farms Pumpkin Patch. Enjoy the pictures...

Aunt Abigail, Will, and Mama having fun
We always wish Aunt Winnie could be with us when we have fun...and somehow she shows up in some form...look at the cow's name

Aunt Abigail and Will rode the cow train

The end of the ride
Will checking out the big pig
Will looking at the donkey
Will wondering why he doesn't have a bottle of milk
Nana and Will had to make a pitstop at the "Goatel 6"
On the hayride
Will loved the hayride
Going to pick out some pumpkins
This one looks good
I got it Nana...this is the one I want
Or maybe this one. LOL.
These are good to climb on
Will made friends with the big spider
And the big turkey
And the corn husk horses
Love the big pumpkins

What a fun morning!! It sure wore him out!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A lot changes in a year...

This was Aunt Winnie and Will last her old house...

This year...Wow...he has changed a lot...and Aunt Winnie and Really Great Uncle Don live in a beautiful new home!!

We went out walking...

It's that time of year again...the Walk for Life in Columbia. This year, Mom, Abigail, Will, and I headed to the walk...and brought along a first time walker, Aunt Karen. We had a blast! Aunt Winnie was the chair for the walk this year, and we were so proud of her when she spoke in front of all those thousands of people! We had a great time at the walk, and a wonderful time all together with the girls. Cousin Jo and her daughter, Holly, came, too. It was a great weekend...enjoy the pictures...

Will towards the end of the walk...he was getting tired...oh, and our team name was the Pink Posse!
Spiderman was at the walk...Will wasn't really sure about him...

Nana took him over to Spiderman, and Will gave him five, and then ran the other way.

Will loved being on Aunt Abigail's he is with Aunt Karen.

Aunt Winnie and Aunt Abigail.

Will and Aunt Winnie
Will and his Aunt Abigail
He did NOT run from this guy...ELMO was there!!! He ran right up to him waving and laughing...I picked him up for his picture, and when we walked away, Will kissed him!!
When we got out of our car, who was there??? The Chick-fil-A cow....he was getting out of his car, too!! He was very nice to stop and pose with us...and he didn't think it was as funny as Aunt Karen and Aunt Abigail did when I told him we liked his yummy nuggets! LOL.

Will and his Nana...and yes, she gave him a pink mohawk...the ONLY mohawk this child will was for charity! :)