Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vacation Bible School 2014

This week is our VBS at church. I am teaching a three-year-old class. They are so sweet! Daniel had a bit of a rough start because he thought Ms. Tracey was going to be his teacher, but she is his school teacher and he was confused. She has been giving him some sweet love each day though! Here are a few pictures that were taken throughout this week...I found them on the site through the church. Too cute!

And today was exciting! Ms. Elizabeth, the children's minister, stopped me in the hall and asked if I had heard the news? I don't get to go to the big meeting in the mornings because I'm with the younger kids, but this morning, Will's name was called, and he won an awesome 3D watch with a laser on it. He had to go on stage in the worship center to get it. He was SO excited about it!!! 
My kids are having a great time, but most importantly, they are learning more about Jesus and how much he loves us!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some of Will's 6 year shots...

I took the boys to Penney's to get Will's six year pictures. Here are a few that were taken. I love these boys!!!

Run for your lives!!!

Will is getting ready for the beach! When we were at Toys R Us last week, he decided he needed these goggles for the beach! I think he might scare a few people off of the beach. What do you think? He's so silly!

Daniel the Photographer strikes again!

Daniel is absolutely obsessed with taking pictures on my phone. Here are some cute ones I found this morning...
He was very proud of this one...he came running up to me to show me that he took a picture from the dining room window of Daddy and Will cutting the grass!
Most of them are just this one where he is walking through the den on the way to the kitchen!
And he loves to take pictures of pictures of himself!
Silly boys getting ready for the hot tub!
Don't forget to thank the Lord!!
And toys are a very important part of the day!
What he doesn't know is that sometimes I take pictures of him when he falls asleep. The other night he fell asleep on me, and I just couldn't resist. Sweet little thing!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Myrtle Beach 2014

Brad and the boys and I took a little trip to Myrtle Beach last week. It was nice to get away and have a little time just the four of us. Will LOVED the ocean and Daniel LOVED the pool! Never were there two more opposite kids! Ha!

 We went to eat at a place called Mr. Fish one night. I kept trying to get a picture of the kids smiling to send to Granddad, but they just kept wanting to be silly.
 Daniel absolutely loved his dinner there. Anyone that knows Daniel knows that he is not much of an eater. He is more of a picker of food. Well, I got him the fried flounder and French fries from the Kid's menu and he went to town. He never ate a fry, but he ate all but maybe a bite of his fish. I was proud of him!
 Brad and I are very blessed to have these precious boys in our lives.

Good-bye Kindergarten!

Mama was SO excited for the last day of Kindergarten! Will...not so much. Before we left for school that morning, I had him stand with his sign. See that sad face? Well, when I asked him why he wouldn't smile, he said because he loved Mrs. Gosman and didn't want to leave her! He even started tearing up. He then took the board, made a sad face and wrote "I love Mrs. Gosman" at the top of it!
 So, of course, we had to get a picture of him and Mrs. Gosman!!
 And he loves Mrs. Statham equally as much!
 This is Mrs. Luton...she is the Media Specialist at the school. Will absolutely ADORES her! They developed a sweet relationship this year. When his class would go to check out books on Fridays, she would always ask him what he was looking for that week, and they would go on a hunt together. On my last day of work, she brought me her own personal copy of Curious George. She had written Will a note inside and said she wanted him to have it because she knew he had checked George out a lot throughout the year!
 Will loves Ms. Barbara. I don't know what he will do without her there to keep him in line next year!
 Every morning and afternoon Will had to get a hug from Mrs. White...
 ...and Mrs. Hunt.
Kindergarten is over, and first grade is on it's way. We are excited to see what the future holds at the new school Will is going to be attending. We will definitely miss all our loved ones at Norton, but I know great things lie ahead!

Happy 6th Birthday, Will

We had Will's birthday party this year at our house. Originally he had wanted to have a party with some friends from school, but he then decided he just wanted family over at the house. So, I made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes for his actual birthday at school, and then we had his party over the weekend. He is really into Ninja Turtles right now, Raphael being his favorite. This is the cake he picked for me to make this year. We had a fun time!