Monday, January 17, 2011

Our not so fun weekend...

Here is the E.R. at Children's Healthcare. Why? He fell off his scooter. He's smiling though. Why? Morphine shots are a good thing! He's also playing games on his Daddy's phone.
But do you see his leg? Yep, it's wrapped up. Why? It's broken. Which part? The femur. What's that? The thigh bone...also known as the thickest bone in your body.
So, what happened? Well, this nice guy and his buddy came and picked us up.
And Mama and Boo took a ride in an ambulance to Scottish Rite.
And Will got a cool gown and an IV.
...and a cute little stuffed puppy. So, Mama, Daddy, and Boo spent the night at the children's hospital on the orthopedic floor. Before bed, Granddad came and brought Will's favorite train, Toby. Here he is Sunday morning before heading to the OR...
He was put to sleep so that something called a "Spica" cast could be put on him. He chose the color green. The surgeon told me that the "green hornet" did great, and he is hopeful for a wonderful recovery. He woke up, came back to his room, and ate a banana!
Then he decided to show us a carrot that he was eating! Boy, drugs make you silly!
Finally, it was time to go home. See the harness strap on him? Well, that's his new seatbelt. Will lays in the back seat, and we strap the belt through the harness. Interesting.
Boo was so happy to finally come home and play trains! We just have to play a different way now.
Daniel wanted to watch him play. Thank you to Nana and Granddad for getting us some cool bean bag chairsThen the brothers wanted to watch some cartoons together.
Will decided he wanted his shirt off because he got hot. Now you can really see what his cast looks like. There's a hole in the front and the back to help with going potty. Even though he is fully potty trained, he has to wear a diaper with the cast because he can't get underwear on. He keeps asking me to take his "green pants" off.
Then my boys wanted to play blocks. Again...a new way to play.
More brotherly love. Oh, and Daniel had his 4 month check up today. Chunky Monkey weighs 16 pounds 5.4 ounces.
Yes, it was a bad weekend. Yes, it scared the life out of Mama and Daddy (and other family members). Yes, I hope it is the last ambulance ride and the last broken bone. Yes, I hope Will has a full recovery and this is all a bad memory soon. Yes, I know that God is mighty and powerful, and he hears our prayers and was protecting my child when he fell. And the answer to the question I've heard for the past three days...are you guys doing okay??

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow days!!

We have enjoyed our snow days!! Will absolutely loved playing in the snow...the cold didn't seem to bother him!! Here he is ready to head out on snow day #1...
He helped his Daddy build a snowman...
What a good helper...and pretty cute, too!
Daddy built a fire in our firepit, and they kept warming themselves up!
Will and the finished snowman. We didn't have a carrot for the nose, so he got blueberry eyes, nose, buttons, and a smear for the mouth. However, I think some critters liked our blueberry idea. They were gone the next day! :)
Boo and Daddy went up to the clubhouse where the best hills were. Daniel and I went out there on day #2 with them, but the wind was so strong and cold, we didn't last long...
They had so much fun!
Boo even went down the hill by himself!
And Daniel and I spent most of the time when they were outside staying inside and keeping warm!! We have had some fun family time this week!

What have we been doing lately?

If you haven't heard, we've had a BIG winter storm. We had snow Christmas night, but it was nothing like what we had Sunday night. It's Thursday, and we're still out of school, and still in the house. We did venture out Tuesday for just a minute to grab more milk and bread...along with everyone else in Grayson! Brad finally went in to work today, but he said the roads weren't great. We will need to get out tomorrow...we're almost out of diapers and formula! Here are a few pictures of our sweet boys...
Both boys started running fevers on Christmas night, and we found out they both had ear infections. It wiped Daniel out...and Mama! :)
Boo stayed in our bed for a while watching TV while recovering from his ear infections!
And of course, he played some trains!!