Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too cool!

The other night, I caught Daniel posing like this...hand in his overall pocket...pop tart in the other hand...just chilling against a kitchen counter.
 Will joined in to get a picture with his brother!
I love these little angels!


This sweet boy cracks me up! After church, I always ask him to tell me about his lesson in Sunday School. He usually does pretty well recalling the stories that he is taught. Well, Sunday afternoon, we were talking about what he did in his class. His response was, "well, my teacher put down some pillows and we did tumbles and rolls. Then we played a game called "duck, duck, duck, duck, goose" and it was real fun." Well, I didn't quite understand how tumbles and rolls fit into the Bible story, so I asked him, "Did Jesus do tumbles and rolls?" His response?? "Jesus?? Jesus wasn't there today." Oh my! We've got our work cut out for us!

These silly children

My boys love to be goofy and make us laugh! Saturday afternoon, Brad and I were sitting at the kitchen table. Daniel came running in from being upstairs and this is what he had done. It's blurry because he was about to run off again, but he had Mr. Potato Head's glasses on.
 After seeing how we laughed at Daniel, big brother had to do it, too!
 And then, of course, he put the nose in his mouth.
Where do they come up with some of the stuff they do?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Beth got a much better picture of the two of them than I did. Too cute!

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Frowing" Up...

We stay at my parent's house on Thursday nights since I have to be at work earlier on Fridays, and 5am is early enough to get up...don't want to wake up any earlier! Last night, around 12:30, Daniel was in bed with me and started coughing...then threw up all over the bed. I thought that it was that he got choked because he's had a runny nose, but an hour later, his brother was throwing up in the bed with Granddad. Daniel and I had moved from the guest bed into the twin bed. Then I got on the twin blow up bed with Will. Then an hour later, yep...the twin bed got blessed by Daniel. Then he joined us on the twin blow up bed outside the bathroom. Oh, and he had his jammies changed twice. Then, Will's turn again...and so it continued throughout the night...back and forth. We ended up all three of us next to the toilet at 3:30 this morning, and that's where we stayed until I got up at 6 to find someone to help in my classroom today. We made it home, and I thought they were okay, but Will just did it again. Ugh...7 times for him and 4 for Daniel. Poor babies. But aren't they cute?? They are both fast asleep right now!! 

After church

When we got home from church on Sunday, it was so nice out compared to Saturday, so we went out to enjoy some sunshine. The boys are too funny...they usually go their separate ways when outside...Daniel still had his church clothes on...he headed out, grabbed a few of Daddy's tools...
 ...and went to work on the boat. Haha!
 Will...who put his jammies and tennis shoes on when we got home...drew himself a hopscotch board and jumped his little heart out...
 ...then found out I was watching him. :-)
Brad and I sure were blessed with these amazing little ones!

A little chilly...

Last Saturday, it turned chilly again! It even started snowing a little bit in the afternoon. However, we still bundled up and went outside on the patio. Daddy and Uncle Zack built a nice fire in the fire pit, and we were warm...until it started raining and ruined our outside fun. Here's Daniel playing around...
My two sweet boys ran partly up the golf cart path and started posing for pictures.
Will and Kate...it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of the four of them lately!!!