Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Stuff

Will was eating a sugar free fudge pop the other day. When he was finished, I had to get a picture of him. I think we need to work on the ice cream on a stick eating skills before he goes to Kindergarten in August and wants money one day to eat ice cream at lunch. Haha...who knows what he'd look like then! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jump! Jump!

Monday, after getting home from the dentist, Brad and the boys went out to jump on the trampoline. After I did some things in the house, I went out to jump with them. I guess their Daddy wore them out, because all they wanted to do with me was cuddle. But that's okay, I love their loving!!
And I have to tell a funny story, on Saturday, Brad had both boys down by the lake doing some fishing. Finally, Brad gets something on his line, but at the same time, Daniel starts screaming about something. Brad asks Will to hold onto the pole for just a minute. He checks Daniel out, figures out there's nothing terribly wrong, and goes to get the pole back from Will...which Will has dropped down onto the dirt, and the fish gets away. When we asked him why he dropped the line, his response was "the fish was moving and wanted to go swimming." Haha!
Then on Sunday, Brad and Will went down to do some more fishing. They were down there for about an hour before Will headed back in. When he came in, I asked him if they caught any fish. His response? "Nope, just two sticks!" That boys keeps us laughing!

We love healthy teeth!

On Monday, Brad and I took the boys to Dr. Tom's...their dentist. Will has been several times, but this was Daniel's first time as a patient. I planned on taking lots of cute pictures, but things didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. Will got called back first, so when Daniel and I went back, he had no clue what he was doing in that big chair with that bib on, so he kept looking over at his brother.
 I guess he realized his brother had his mouth wide open, so he decided he might ought to open his...
...and that's where the pictures stopped. Daniel was NOT wanting anything to do with his teeth being cleaned, so Mama had to sit in the chair sideways, hold him like we were hugging, lay him backwards, and hold his arms while the hygienist held his head and cleaned his teeth. Then I had to do the same thing while Dr. Tom examined him...all while he was screaming! Let's just say, that was not fun for anyone involved. The hygienist was very nice and told me that this was very normal for this age and that they were used to it and she could actually get to his teeth easier with his mouth open screaming! 
But the good news is, both boys got a clean bill of health. They both have good, strong teeth, and nice spacing! Let's hope this is the news we get every 6 months!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet little Daniel...

2012 was the year of the ear infections for Daniel. He had a total of nine of them! So, we were referred to a ENT up here in Gainesville, and today, Daniel had tubes put in his ears. While Dr. Stewart was doing the tubes, he checked out his adenoids. They were very swollen like he thought, so while he was asleep, they were removed. My sweet little guy was a trooper! Here he is in recovery snuggling with his Mama...
 They made me wake him up after an hour...he didn't really want to be bothered!
 Another shot of him snoozing on precious!
 When he did wake up, he was very drawn to the red light on his thumb. It was pretty cute! Here's to hoping that 2013 brings better luck for Daniel's health!!