Monday, December 31, 2012

On your mark...

...get set...GO! Here is Will with one of the gifts he got for Christmas. It is a Matchbox cars race track that attaches to the wall. Brad helped the boys hang it upstairs in their playroom. It's a pretty cool track, and they seem to like it.
I can't believe today is the last day of 2012! It's been a good year for our family. We've continued to love living in our home. It is becoming "ours" now by many additions and changes that have been made to suit our family. The kids truly love all the room we have to play outside and not worry about any traffic around. We still have our long commutes, but at least we have good jobs! 
Here's to 2013...the year our oldest turns 5 and starts Kindergarten. Where did the time go? I remember holding him when he was only a few days old and crying because I didn't want him to go to Kindergarten! Now, it's almost time. 2013 will hopefully bring some healing to our youngest. He had 9 ear infections this year, and he is scheduled to have tubs in a week and possibly his adenoids removed as well. 
We are very blessed as a family, and we are looking forward to many more memories that have yet to be made!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas, 2012

Christmas 2012 came and went very quickly! We spent Christmas Eve at Meme and Poppi's house. Will and Daniel did not get a nap that day, and little did we know that Daniel actually was developing his 9th ear infection of the year. Santa surprised us all and paid the kids a visit while we were there. He stopped for a break on his trip around the world to remind the kids to get in bed early and to leave him some milk and cookies! Each child got a coloring book, new crayons, and a candy cane! 
 I got this picture of Will after he opened a gift. It is a boat from Cars 2, and he loved it. He played with it a lot, and even slept with it that night. 
 Here's their loot that Santa brought! Daniel got a lot of Toy Story items, and Will got mostly Cars toys and some things for his Leapster Explorer. They both got a helicopter, and Will even got a new helmet for his bike. They were both pleased with their gifts on Christmas morning.
 I didn't know Brad was taking this picture, but I like how you can see Will going through his stuff. See our 7 year old tree? It started losing lights this year...that stinks. 
 And I thought this picture of Daniel was too funny...he is looking at Will opening something. He wasn't feeling well, so he refused to open any gifts, but he did have squeals and comments for each item for himself as well as Will.
After we got dressed, we headed to Nana and Granddad's house to celebrate with them. We had a great time being with our families celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cookies for Santa!

I have this really good Sugar Cookie recipe that I make. I've never used cookie cutters with it...I always just make circle cookies and add icing. Well, today, I made the dough, patted it out, and Will and I got to cutting. It worked great! Here are the cookies pre-decor! 
 Will LOVED putting sprinkles on top. I think we had more on the floor than anywhere else!
 Daniel enjoyed it, too. He is a lot more serious than Will is, so he was concentrating very hard. See our elf, Chippy, hanging from the window? He watches the boys all the time and reports to Santa each night.
 And here are the two they chose from the group to present to Santa tomorrow night. Will chose the gingerbread man, and Daniel went with the star. They sure had fun decorating their cookies.
 And, of course, they had to be tasted...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas on Green Street

We went to Christmas on Green Street last night here in Gainesville. They shut down one of the main roads in downtown where all the historic homes are. There was a parade, a train for the kids, Santa and Mrs. Claus, food, drinks, music, and lots of beautiful Christmas decorations. The kids really loved the parade because it was full of antique cars...they were calling each of them characters from the Cars movies. Here is Daniel while we were waiting on the parade to start...
 Santa and Mrs. Claus started the parade with Hall County's finest...
 And being that we live in the poultry capital of the's a chicken float...
 Here comes Doc Hudson...according to the boys...
 The Grinch even made an appearance...
 Fillmore was there, too!
I got a great shot of "Mater" who really was a rusted old truck, but I guess I didn't save it to publish it on here. It was a fun night out with my guys!