Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another great weekend...

...another Pinterest inspired craft at the Rucker house!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Boat Hat

Nana and I went shopping on Monday since we did not have to work. While at the outlets, we went into the Carter's outlet. They had a lot of good deals, and we got some great stuff. While we were checking out, Nana said that the boys each needed a hat for the boat, so I went and picked out two cute hats that matched. Well, Will LOVED his. He wore it the rest of the afternoon on Monday, all the way to Jackie's on Tuesday, and later in the day. He is often found walking around the house in it. We had to stop for gas Tuesday morning, so here he is. Too cute!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Off to the Circus

One of our favorite things about Daddy working at the CNN center is sometimes he can put in for free tickets to events at Phillips Arena. Last year we took Will and Kate to the circus, and this year, we thought we'd take Will and Daniel. All Will talked about all week was how last year he had his green pants and this year he got to walk. That was a wonderful thing! The other things he talked about were seeing Kayla (Curious George has an elephant friend named Kayla) and eating popcorn. 
 The first half of the circus was great. Both boys paid attention to everything going on...joining in with the "oohs" and "aahs" and claps from the crowd. Both boys even were dancing when the band played some good music! The best part of all?? We saw Kayla...Will was screaming about seeing Kayla!! My camera was not taking good pictures in there...I think it was the lighting, so these are from my phone. Here is Daniel during intermission...when Daddy and Will went to get popcorn. 
 Checking out what's going on down on the floor during intermission. We were 12 rows from the floor!
 And finally, Boo got his popcorn! Daniel enjoyed a good bit of it, too!
The second half of the circus began and what did Will say around the second act?? "Let's leave...I want to go to Meme's now." So, we went, we saw Kayla, we ate popcorn, and we left! And Daddy said that is why he doesn't pay for tickets for things like that! Haha! Overall, it was a great family outing!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Tuesday was Daddy's 33rd birthday! One of the presents we gave him was this collage I made. I had it printed out and I framed it. I think it turned out cute!

Our youngest son

Daniel is growing up fast! I just can't believe how quickly time is going by with him. I guess since I was home with Will for the first 15 months, it did not go by as fast, but since I work full time now, I just see him getting older each day! He was hamming it up for me before his nap this afternoon...look at that sweet face!
 Couldn't leave big brother out...
 Waving at his Mama!
 Showing me what a big boy he is standing up on the sofa by himself!
 Oops...I forgot George was on...
 I could just kiss on that sweet thing all day! What a blessing!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Girl Scouts Have Got Nothing On Us!!

Since Tuesday is Valentine's Day (and Daddy's birthday) Will and I decided that we would make cookies. I wanted to make some to take to school for my class and the class next door, and Will and Daniel wanted to take some to Jackie's house. So, I found a great recipe on Pinterest, and while the boys were sleeping, I made all the cookies and the icing. Well, Will was supposed to be my sprinkle man, and less than 2 minutes into the job, he was found sitting on the job eating a cookie! Haha!
 After his cookie break though, he got serious about his job!
 Very serious!!
 Here are some of the finished cookies! I think I made 60 in all! They boys each got one, and they said they were great. I tasted one crumb, and it was delish! I think we have a family favorite sugar cookie recipe now! It was fun decorating cookies with my sweet big boy!
And speaking of my big boy...yesterday he was out on the back deck and Brad and I were watching him from our bedroom. I looked at Brad and said, "Can you believe he will be going to Kindergarten in a little over a year from now?" We talked about how we couldn't believe that, and Brad said how he'll have to take the day off to deal with that day when it comes! Anyway, a little later, I said to Will, "Boo, Mama doesn't want you to go to Kindergarten!" He didn't skip a beat...looked right at me and said..."Mama, I have to go!" Haha! What a nut!!

Silly Boy!

This afternoon before going down for his nap, Daniel was getting his diaper changed by Daddy. I got called in to take a picture of him. He thinks his Daddy is so funny!
 Earlier this week, I worked on another craft I found on Pinterest! The one I saw was a big "M" but I knew I could do this. I went and bought a big "R" from JoAnn's, painted around it black, had some pictures printed at Walgreens in black and white, made my own Mod Podge, lined up and cut the pictures, and wa-la!! We hung this in the front of the house near our door for all who enter to enjoy! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Mother/Son Date

On our way home on Friday, we had to stop off at Sam's to get a few things. While we were there, Will REALLY wanted a donut. He was trying to talk me into buying him some, but who needs 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts in their house?? Not us! So, I promised him we would make a pit stop before coming home and each get ONE donut at Dunkin Donuts. It's was Daniel's first taste of a real donut...other than a store bought powdered donut one time. He picked all the white icing off first and then chowed down...he was VERY happy!
 Will was loving his. They did not have any with sprinkles, which was what he really wanted, but he was certainly happy with his chocolate iced one!
 Daniel could not get his into his mouth fast enough! Will and I were cracking up!
 We don't go for treats like that often, so Will was very excited to have our little spur of the moment date! I love my little angels!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our relaxing weekend

This past weekend was a nice and relaxing weekend for us. We just hung out at home and had some good family time. Thanks to an idea I found on Pinterest, I did a craft with Will that I hung outside the boys' bathroom...
 It was a little chilly, but nice enough to ride around with the top down. It cracks me up to take pictures of the kids in the car. I can just imagine what they're thinking in those precious heads...for example...Daniel is thinking in this one, "Oh man, Will, you are about to take out the boat trailer!!"
 And here, Will is thinking, "Would you get out and help me, Daniel?? Can't you see this thing is stuck??"
 They are both thinking..."This is SO much fun!!"
 And Daniel is thinking, "Over there...we must explore over there!!!"
They are so much fun! I just adore them!