Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue eyes...

What a cutie!!

Easter morning

On Easter morning, we got up and went to Meme and Poppi's church with them. Will had fun in the nursery with Kate, and Daniel came into big church with us. After the singing, he got upset, so he had to be taken out. Here are the boys in their matching outfits before leaving...and NO, neither one would look at me!!

Precious little one!!
And a quick funny story...the nursery gave the kids goodie bags when they left church. It had eggs in it with stickers and jellybeans. Well, Will was eating the jellybeans the other day and he started telling Granddad about them over the phone. Granddad asked him if he got them in his Easter basket. He said, "No, from Jesus at Meme's church." Haha...I guess Jesus gives out jellybeans!!

The Easter Bunny came to visit...

...and left both boys some treats!! Nana's friend, Joanne, made the liners for their baskets! I love them!

It's hard... get a picture of Meme and her four grandchildren!!!

So, here's the best we got! Haha!

What a hunter!

Saturday morning was our neighborhood egg hunt. Will could not wait!! He had a hunt at Ms. Jackie's on Thursday, so he knew what his mission was!! He was just waiting for the lady to tell them to go!

He always had his eye on the next victim!!
And he ran into his buddy Macabe from Ms. Jackie's house. They were showing off their eggs!! There were a lot of kids there, and a lot of eggs!! Will enjoyed himself!!


Right before we went to our egg hunt on Saturday, Daddy handed Daniel one of Will's dyed blue eggs. Daniel put it in his mouth and became as blue as a smurf on his hands and mouth. I scrubbed as hard as I can, but he had blue mouth and hands for a while. Of course, before scrubbing, we had to get a picture!!

Egg dying time...

We dyed eggs with Will for the first time this year! He really enjoyed it. He kept lifting the eggs and each time he was amazed at the color it was. So cute!!

This boy was proud of his eggs!!! The next day he and his daddy put some Cars stickers on them. He was so proud that he took the box of eggs to Nana's house to show Granddad!

Sweet Daniel James...

Daniel is such a sweet baby!! He usually only fusses when he's really hungry (and I'm not quick enough with the food) or really sleepy and he just wants to get in his bed. He smiles a lot and is always alert and wanting to see what's going on. Here he is trying to get my new camera...

This is a new face he has been making lately. Granddad calls it the monster face. Today when I picked him up, he had a new face...his tongue sticking way out.
And another one for Granddad...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rucker Family

Saturday afternoon, the entire Rucker family went to Vines Botanical Gardens and had pictures made. Meme is retiring from teaching this year, and she wanted some updated pictures for her retirement party at school. Here is one of her favorites that she sent to us.

From Left to Right...Brad, Debi, Myra (holding Daniel), Rick (holding Kate and Will), Beth (holding Jackson), and Zack.

Also, more pictures will be posted later from the past week or so. We had to get a new camera last week because our old one broke. I will update later!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dreams do come true...

For as long as anyone can remember, Brad has wanted a home on the lake and a boat. Well, in November, Brad and I bought a home for our family of four on Lake Lanier. We will be moving there very soon, and we are all very excited about this change in our life. A few weeks ago, Brad and his dad went to look at boats, and Poppi bought a pontoon boat for the family. We took it out on our first ride the following weekend. Here are a few shots from that time...

Of course, the night before we were at Bass Pro Shop making sure all the little ones had a life jacket that fit...Daniel didn't seem to mind his even though it doesn't look too comfy to me. Haha!

Will loved helping Poppi drive the boat around the "yake." He was excited when we were able to see our house from the boat! Will also loved running all over the boat!
It's fun to look off the front of the boat!
Happy guys!

Two little Irish men...

If you can't tell from my children's pale skin, they are part Irish! Nana bought this headband for Daniel, but Will wanted his picture taken with it first!

Getting a picture of the two of them is getting harder each day! Will loves to kiss his brother!!
And finally Chunky Monkey got to wear his headband!

Splish, splash, we love our bath!!

It's so much easier to do bath time now that Daniel can sit up. I can put the boys in the tub together, and they play very well with each other. I guess I should say Will plays well and Daniel splashes and looks around. He loves to watch his brother!

Two cute bathing beauties! You can see here that Daniel's lips are out...Will was singing to him and he started singing back!
Love that smile!!
He loves to splash around!! That's one hot body! :)

Daniel's seat at dinner!

We have our full sized high chair at our new house, so when I saw this chair at the consignment sale, I had to get it for Daniel. He loves it. He sits on the end of the table each night while we eat. He usually plays with a toy, or he will hit the table like a drum, or just stare at us and laugh! Isn't he cute?

Here is a shot of my two precious angels! And, of course, Boo being silly!!