Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Fest...

Yesterday was a fun day. For starters, it was Noah's Ark Day at preschool. Daniel dressed as a turkey. He doesn't look happy here, but he truly was. He just was mad that there were pieces hanging in his face. Once I pinned them up, he was all smiles. He kept walking around saying, "Daniel's a turkey!!"
 That night, we traded in the turkey suit for Olaf. We were heading to Pumpkin Fest at church.
 Leonardo was ready to go...
 We even had a little cousin go with us!!

 There was a balloon animal person there, and each of the boys got a turtle bracelet!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Family Camping

Will has joined the Cub Scouts. This weekend was Fall Family Camping. Luckily, it was taking place at the boy scout camp here in Gainesville! We headed out Saturday morning to where our pack was camping, and we picked our spot. The first item on our agenda...the tent...
Will was VERY excited. This is his whole reason for wanting to join cub scouts! He has been looking forward to this trip for I don't know how long.
Since it was for the whole family, Daniel and I got to tag along.

One of the activities we participated in was pumpkin painting. Will really enjoyed this. 
Any time someone is taking a picture and Meme is around, she always tells Will to show his dimples. You can see here that he gave his pumpkin dimples!

Once it got dark, the pack went through a haunted trail and then trick-or-treating. Daniel was tired, so he and I went back to the tent and watched a movie on the Kindle. Here he is enjoying some Kool-Aid and his movie.
Overall, it was a fun trip, and I'm glad we went. My boys had a blast, and that is all that matters!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fun on the Farm

We woke up early this morning and went to Kinsey Family Farm here in Gainesville. We've gone there for the past few years, and we just love it! They have a HUGE selection of pumpkins and gourds, a hayride, a big catfish pond, and an area with animals you can feed. This year, Nana, Granddad, Aunt Abigail, and Beau went with us. We had a good time!
Nana and her three boys!
 Sweet Beau! I can't believe he will be a year old soon!
 Will loved showing off his favorite pumpkins!
 Daniel was getting quite the collection.

 We went on the hayride, and it was nice because we were the only ones on there. On our way back though, we were asked to get off because there was a bad storm with lightning headed our way. They were shutting it down.
 We rode through a pasture with a few cows...the boys kept wanting to feed them crackers!
 This cow kept following us and yelling at us. We thought he wanted crackers, but the man told us that he was wanting pumpkins. He is always hoping someone will feed him one!
 I love these Oreo cows!!
 After the hayride, we went and fed some animals.

 This goat that Daniel is feeding kept head butting the others to get them out of the way so that he could have the crackers. Will told him, "No, you've already had some!"
 Three sweet boys!!
 And the four they chose to bring home. Daniel picked the two in front, and Will picked the two in back. They are going to paint them tonight!