Monday, February 21, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Brad got tickets to the circus from work, so we took Will and his cousin, Kate, yesterday! The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. Brad and I had a great time, too. Will loved the elephants...
And, of course, any show with a train in it is a great show!!
We had great seats!!!
Can you believe there were THREE women in this box??? Um, I don't think I could get myself in that box if it were empty! LOL!
These people were making me hold my breath!! They were right in front of us doing this!!!
Boo had his first taste of cotton candy. He enjoyed it, but he opted for the popcorn instead!!
Can you see that the elephant was holding a dog? Will liked that part!
Will told me before we went that he was scared of the tigers. I think he felt better when he saw their big cage!
They both were giving goofy smiles!
Will would NOT look at the camera!
They were so funny watching the show!!
He really enjoyed watching the trapeze act!!
At one point I looked down and saw them holding hands!!
It was a great afternoon! I can't wait until Daniel is old enough to enjoy a trip like this, too!

Just some pictures...

Here are a few pictures from the past week...
Daniel after his bath one night...
Taking a nap this weekend...
Boo and his "big" smile...
Daniel in his Johnny Jump...
And a cake I made for someone this past weekend...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tomorrow is Brad's birthday!!

Brad will be 32 tomorrow, but we celebrated at our new house last night with family! Will is on a Curious George kick right now, and he decided that Brad needed a "yellow hat" cake in honor of the Man in the Yellow Hat. So, that's what Brad got!
Daniel enjoyed hanging out in the bean bag chair while all of us ate dinner. He is getting so big! What a sweet angel!
He usually has his hands in his mouth...teeth are on their way!
Aunt Abigail came up to the house early with me and the boys. We had a nice time hanging out together!
And here is my sweet family! Boo was staring at the candles, and Chunky Monkey was looking at his brother. Behind us you can see our back yard. The trees are all bare right now, so there is a better view of the lake. It is so peaceful there! Happy Birthday, Brad!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting used to our new life...

It's been three weeks and 2 days since Boo got his "green pants." Our life is far from normal anymore, but we're getting used to it. In 20 more days, our son will regain use of his legs again. This will be wonderful. He is so ready! We are so ready!! Fortunately, the doctor said that his bone has fused back together very nicely! Will was going stir crazy in the house, and even though we were doing everything we could to keep him happy and entertained, he wasn't his normal, happy self! The doctor gave us permission to let him go back to Jackie's if it was okay with her. He went back (with yellow chair in hand to use throughout the day) and he had a ball. His mood changed, and he was glad to be back into a normal routine! Here are a few pictures of my little guys lately!
Here's Will in mid spin...he is ALWAYS on the go. These pants don't get him down! He has been trying for the past few days to stand and walk...craziness!!
When he gets really excited, he he was excited about it almost being time for dinner! Haha!
Daniel absolutely LOVES his Johnny Jump! He never would look at me...he was too busy jumping!
Silly boy climbed up on me back and wanted his picture taken!
And then, of course, Daniel had to join us!!
My boys are so precious!!