Sunday, May 15, 2011

The dinosaur mask

Yep, it's back out again...

This time for a nasty cough...
And this time, for Daniel...following in his brother's footsteps!

Back up, I'm going in...

So, at his party, Will got to go into the ticket blaster. Picture a money machine blowing money around, but change the money into tickets and vouchers. Let's just say this boy went in and got the job done. He got tickets and vouchers worth more than 300 tickets! You go, Will!!

And this precious angel was SO good at the party!!!

Will's party

Will had his birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese this year. It was a great place to have it. He really seemed to have a good time. He was the star for the day...

He could not decide between at Thomas cake and a Lightning McQueen cake. He finally told me he wanted Thomas on the tracks and Lightning on the road, too! This is what we came up with. He loved it!
Right before singing "Happy Birthday!!" I can't believe he is already three!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cupcake celebration

Last Friday we took cupcakes to Ms. Jackie's house to celebrate Will's birthday with his friends. So, I made him some Lightning and Mater cupcakes. He wanted his picture taken with them.

Aren't they cute?